Threat Removal
& State Restoration
All in 0.001 seconds

Serious Protection against Serious Threats
WebARGUS renders any threat harmless


WebARGUS is an innovative intrusion detection and restoration solution that protects against unpredictable, malicious real-world security threats. It neutralizes damages by removing the threat and restorting the server's correct state before the threat has a chance to take effect.


Popular security services and solutions cannot keep up with the fast-changing sophistication and evolution of cyber attacks and thus, continue to struggle thwarting damages that affect millions of users a year.
This is largely attributed to the difference in approach towards tackling cyber security.

Popular Solutions are not full-proof

Popular solutions provide defensive strategies to detect an intrusion that occurs on the firewall, IPS/IDS, and web application firwall levels. Though this solution protects the server from incurring any damages, a lot of times, the service cannot differentiate an authentic access from an unauthentic one.

WebARGUS Protects Your Assets

WebARGUS acts as the last line of defense. No matter how many shields your server may have in front of it, if attackers are able to bypass all of the shields, there is no means of protecting your most important assets and data.

Industry Leading
Detection & Recovery Speed

WebARGUS takes pride in its industry leading speed for detection and immediate recovery. With a detection and recovery time totaling a millisecond, WebARGUS protects your valuable assets from malware and attacks by removing the threat before it has any chance to take effect.


State Restoration in 0.001 seconds
Nothing goes undetected. Not one bit.
Small Load
CPU load less than 1%


Easy Setup
Fast & Easy installation takes less than 5 minutes
Friendly GUI
View and control everything through your browser
Zero Downtime
Never let attacks stop your site or service from running
Encryption all-around makes sure everything is secure
Seamless analysis with real-time alerts & auto back-up




Ubuntu Redhat Debian AWS Windows SUSE Centos


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Zero Downtime (IoT Version)

WebARGUS removes threats before it has any chance to take effect. As seen in the video, even when the device has been tampered with, WebARGUS minimizes downtime by removing all threats and the device resumes normal operations unaffected.

* English version of the video available soon


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